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Somatic Psychotherapy/Core Energetics

​​Core Energetics Bodypsychotherapy is often referred to as the "hard work miracle". It offers a unique and potent opportunity to work dynamically and transform issues such as:

             - PTSD symptoms

             - Attachment Trauma

             - Major Life Transitions (i.e. motherhood, divorce) 

             - Depression

             - Anxiety

             - Shadow material (i.e. rage, hatred)


Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual and works with  where you are right now as the foundation for inner transformation and healing. By working with the body, talk therapy is "grounded" and integrated into the personality, often providing the missing link between conscious and unconscious dynamics.


Core Energetics was developed by Dr John Pierrakos (co-founder of Bioenergetics) in the 1970's. John recognized the importance of claiming our humanity, our capacity to feel and love as a key concepts to living more fulfilling lives. The universality of these principles has popularized Core Energetics with practitioners and Institutes around the world including; Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Canada, England, Mexico, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Germany and Denmark.


Sessions for individuals and couples are 55 minutes, longer sessions can be arranged upon request. 

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