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  • Jessica Nygren

What do Therapy and Acting have in common?

As a teenager, I dreamed of becoming an actress. I loved the thrill of standing in front of an audience and performing. Later in life, as my interests diverged, I had to examine what it was about acting that spoke so deeply to my soul. I realized what captivated me was the resonance of truth. When an actress can reach deep inside and share something so authentic, we feel it. We get goosebumps and we recognize something of ourselves in the characters that are played out on our screens or stage. We can live our unlived lives or revel in the feelings we don't permit ourselves to embody. We can live vicariously for an hour or two.

When my passion for acting took a different stage, I found myself captivated by my client's capacity to find their inner truth and share that with me, with their partners, in their communities, and consequently the world.

This lights me up. This is authentic power and this is what I am here for.

This capacity to be truthful with ourselves is the foundation for creating the kind of life we dream about, the kind of relationship we long for, and the kind of community we want to belong to.

Are you on fire yet? Because I am and I cannot wait to hear more about you, your journey and what it is you long to create in your life.

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