Postgraduate Prelimenary Study:

Cross Cultural Applications of Core Energetics



          With increasing awareness of differences in cultural needs, it is inevitable that Core Energetics practitioners will need sensitivity working with clients of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds from themselves.  This preliminary study addresses a noticeable gap in Core Energetics research literature and cross cultural practice. In doing so, it examines theoretical dynamics of working with the body in psychotherapy cross cultures and hypothesizes that Core Energetics is culture bound and limited in its current format to effectively work with diverse populations.

          The study collected data using an open-ended online survey examining the cross cultural applicability of Core Energetics from the international student, therapist and client body. A qualitative data analysis highlighted both etic and emic principles of Core Energetics, which supported some elements of the initial hypothesis. The elements which were considered more culturally subjective included; the expressive practice, developmental theory and spiritual framework. The study demonstrates that further research and a revision of theory is needed to develop a more culturally sensitive Core Energetics practice. In addition, the study summarises sample suggestions to highlight a number of ways in which this gap could be addressed, including potential collaborative research between training institutes to inform a more uniform cultural awareness training program.

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